Chicago is experiencing a remarkable ascent of Black-owned tech firms, steered by innovative entrepreneurs who are swiftly climbing to the apex of the industry. By introducing groundbreaking solutions, these companies are making their mark, dismantling barriers, and altering the technology landscape.

Beyond profits, their impact is profoundly felt through the inspiration sent across the community, serving as beacons of possibility for the next generation of Black innovators. Moreover, by leading with inclusivity and cultural sensitivity, these trailblazing companies are playing a pivotal role in diversifying the homogenous tech industry and addressing underserved markets.

The rise of these companies reflects Chicago’s evolving entrepreneurial landscape and a broader movement toward diversity and empowerment in tech, where success is measured not just financially but through social impact. As these firms grow, they pave the way for a more inclusive and innovative future in the industry, marking a significant chapter in Chicago’s history of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Rise also reflects positively on Chicago as a city working to support inclusive innovation. The combination of economic, inspirational, and cultural impacts make this trend culturally important

Here is a list of a few notable black-owned tech startups and companies that are having an impact in Chicago in the tech sector.

4Degrees – An AI-powered relationship intelligence platform that helps professionals build stronger networks. They have raised over $10 million in funding.

CancerIQ – A healthcare technology company using data and analytics to improve cancer treatment decisions. They have raised over $15 million.

Jammber – A SaaS platform for creative project management, with a focus on the music and film industries. They have raised over $2 million

Black Tech Mecca– An organization dedicated to promoting and supporting black talent and startups in Chicago.

Mayvenn – An e-commerce company taking offline hair salon retail online. They have raised $10 million, with investment from Andreessen Horowitz.

LISNR – A startup using ultrasonic audio technology for proximity-based messaging and payments. They have raised nearly $30million.

Scholly– An app and platform that helps students find scholarships and financial aid. They have raised over $7 million in VC funding.

Several of them have achieved significant venture funding, highlighting their growth potential

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