Visionaries of the WDB L.E.G.A.C.Y. Awards Weekend

Keeana Barber and JamesWheeler, the visionary leaders of WDB Market-ing, exemplify the spirit of innovation and community empowerment. As ManagingPartners, their collaborative efforts have elevated WDBMarketing into a significant force in the marketing and print manufacturing industry, especially in Cook County, Illinois. Driven by a dedication to honor Keeana’s late brother, Bobby Barber, the inception of WDB was rooted in legacy and transformation of grief into entrepreneurial motivation.

Under Barber’s leadership as CEO, WDB has becomea beacon for minority-owned businesses, championingcommunity empowerment through initiatives like theWDB L.E.G.A.C.Y. Awards Gala, which celebrates andnurtures Black entrepreneurship. Wheeler, steering thecompany’s Research and Development, complementsBarber’s vision by advancing technological and strategicinnovations that keep WDB competitive and cutting-edge.

Expanding beyond print marketing, WDB has grown intoa full-service creative agency offering graphic design,videography, and strategic brand development. Theirrecent acquisition of Signarama Downtown Chicagomarks a new chapter in their journey, showcasing theircommitment to diversification and excellence.

Through WDB Cares, their non-profit arm, Barber andWheeler extend their impact by supporting communityupliftment with initiatives like the Black Business Crawland Juneteenth celebrations. Their efforts have earnednational recognition, highlighting their roles as commu-nity leaders and advocates for economic empowerment.

Their story is a powerful testament to the impact of vi-sionary partnership, dedication, and the pursuit of a leg-acy that inspires future generations. As WDB Marketingcontinues to innovate and support its community, Barberand Wheeler’s legacy of empowerment and engagementstands as a model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Black Pages salutes Keeana Barber and James Wheelerfor building a dynasty from 2024 to 2032, reflecting theirindelible mark on both the business and the community.