Dr. Robin Ferguson and Drs. Cornell and Yetta Mc Cullom

What makes a great dental practice? How can you know your needs and desires are the priority? Find out by visiting our office at 820 E 87th St., Your Dental Dream Team for Beautiful Smiles and Faces. Drs. Ferguson and McCullom have partnered for over 20 years to offer our community a superlative level of care. The needs of our community are the inspiration for our evolution of care.
Our services now include a variety of value-added procedures. Dr. Ferguson offers support for to those with sleep apnea in addition to her expertise in all aspects of dental care, particularly implants and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Cornell McCullom has enhanced his skills beyond oral surgery to include several facial cosmetic procedures. Most popular are the repair of torn earlobes, keloid removal and Botox with Juvederm. Dr. Yetta McCullom continues to offer support for those with gum disease with the use of a minimally invasive procedure, LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure).
We are proud of the depth of service we have created. In addition, we are very proud to be part of the Chatham business community. We pledge to continue to serve our communities needs and desires for health and beauty.
Black Pages International salutes Dr. Robin Feguson, and Drs. Cornell & Yetta McCullom
for Building A Dynasty 2024-2032.
Your Dream Team • 820 E 87th St • Chicago, IL 60619 • 773-488-3738