John’s Hardware & Bicycle Shop

Mr. John Stallworth has been the proud owner of JOHN’S HARDWARE and BICYCLE SHOP, located at 7350 S. Halsted Street in Chicago’s Englewood Community, since 1969. He expresses pride and feels truly blessed to still be in business after serving his community for 54 years. He credits the Hardware’s longevity to good service, respect, and well-appreciated community support. The shop’s motto is, “IF WE DON’T HAVE IT, YOU DON’T NEED IT,” and the business tries hard to live up to the motto, operating daily, Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The hardware is most definitely his “love.”
John has always had great work ethics, stemming from his father. As a young boy, he stared to work after school and weekends for Art’s Hardware, then for Hank’s Hardware. Both of those hardware owners trained him well in the hardware business. Later, when the opportunity presented itself to go into business for himself, John was blessed to be able to buy the business from Hank’s Hardware at the age of 24, and changed the store’s name to John’s Hardware and Bicycle Shop.
Mr. Stallworth, who is affectionately called ”John” or “Mr. John,” has serviced generations of families through the years at his shop, from grandparents down through their grandchildren. There have been many who shared with him that they have bought from his store for decades, and some have returned later in life to share with him that they got their first bicycle from his store. To them he would proudly say, “Wow, or Look at God, or Thank you for your support.”
Because he cares, John has given back to some churches for notable support to the Hardware, and to his Englewood neighborhood in general. For many, many years, before the Covid 19 Pandemic came, he was known to sponsor two annual affairs. In August, he sponsored a “Back-to-School Celebration and Sidewalk Sale.” Then, in December, he fed neighborhood persons through the Hardware’s free “Christmas Eve Dinner.” Although today’s times have not allowed for those events to return yet, John is hopeful that they will resume sometime in the future. He has always been careful to give God the glory for blessing him to be a blessing to others!
John is also the proud owner of another successful business, which is a subsidiary of John’s Hardware and Bicycle Shop.
It is JOHN and SONS – GENERAL CONTRACTOR. Licensed, bonded and functioning since 1977, that business’ motto is, “NO JOB IS TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL.” He shows pride in his team’s great work with electric, plumbing, painting, carpentry, dry wall, roofing and more. He is proud to say that many of the referrals he receives are passed on from satisfied customers.
John is also a licensed locksmith. He truly loves all aspects of his work life!
John says he MUST give God the credit for the success of each of his businesses, for without God he could do nothing.
As a practicing Christian, he devotes his Christian duties to helping the elderly, and to his church, The Rock of Ages Baptist Church in Maywood, Illinois where Reverend Marvin E. Wiley is pastor. There, John faithfully serves in the Deacons Ministry.
John is married to Thorbest Stallworth and has two sons, Johnny and Eric, both of whom are ministers and whom he is very proud. Today, John’s Hardware and Bicycle Shop is managed by his worthy son, Reverend Johnny Stallworth ll, who continues to operate the store in the same spirit as his father.
“Humble, responsible, sharing, caring and blessed”. That is Mr. John Stallworth!
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John & Sons General Contractors • 7350 S Halsted • 773-483-7445