Lowering Property TaxesnnAt Property Keepers, more than half of the properties we view have incorrect assessed tax values. Our team of experts reassess these values and make sure property owners receive all the breaks their entitled. We prepare petitions for appropriate state agencies and take the necessary steps to reduce your assess value to its fair and equitable value. Our staff partner with clients, appraisers, and attorneys to complete the appeals process.nnWhy Choose Us?nnWe provide a personal and friendly client environment. Our customer service is one of a kind and more importantly, if you have not had your property taxes reassessed lately, you’re paying TOO MUCH!!! We are experienced in lowering your taxes utilizing our systematic method that enhances your tax reduction savings. We make sure our clients obtain the correct exemptions, property classification and revised property data if necessary. Our property tax consultants are determined to make your taxes more affordable and are always willing to go the extra mile to meet your needs.

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