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The death of a family member is always a distressing time. Family members are frequently at a loss as to the cause and circumstances of death. The goal of Chicago Area Autopsy Services inc. is to perform quality, academically-based autopsy that will inventory all of the pathologic findings which existed at the time of death, and will determine why the deceased died and why they died at that particular point in time. Our findings will be completely objective. Our task is to answer questions regarding the cause of death and the circumstances which led up to death, rather than to critique the quality or appropriateness of the medical care rendered to the deceased.nnThe Chicago Area Autopsy Service (CAAS) was formed in 1991 in response to helping such families resolve these issues surrounding the death of a loved one. CAAS has established relationships with funeral homes, nursing homes, hospices, and emergency rooms as a resource to let family members know about the availability of our private autopsy services. Our trained pathologists specialize in autopsy pathology and are willing to perform complete (or limited) autopsies on individuals who expire within the greater Chicago area. The autopsies are performed in the autopsy suites of Genesis Lab at MacNeal Hospital Berwyn IL. where we perform some 200 private autopsies as well as from additional area hospitals who have contracted with CAAS to perform autopsies on their hospitalized patients who have died.nn 

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