George C. Howard Jr. – Attorney, Consultant and Author

George C. Howard Jr. is an attorney, counselor and author. His book, ”50 Years at The Bar and Still Sober”, chronicles the life and career of one of the most accomplished black attorneys in the country. Born in Kennett, Missouri in 1933, married to Catherine M. Howard now deceased, the father of five children, Mr. Howard has balanced his career and education with family, church and community involvement for eighty-four years.

Mr.Howard is a graduate of Central High School, Lincoln University and John Marshall Law School. He is a deacon and member of Emmanuel Baptist Church as well as a board member of Emmanuel Christian School. His fraternal and club affiliations include the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, the Chicago Forty Club, the Elks, and the Chicago Druids Club.

However, it is his accomplishments as an attorney that are truly astonishing. They include defending the first Secret Service Agent to ever be indicted and tried by the United States of America; the attorney in the St. Dorothy’s Church Robbery case which caused the Bail Bond law to be changed in 1967; the defense attorney along with F. Lee Bailey in the Silas Jayne Murder case, 1973; co-counsel with Mr. Bailey in several other cases in subsequent years; defended Delbert Tibbs for murder and rape in the state of Florida; Tibbs was freed from death row and jail; selected as one of the ten (10) best criminal defense lawyers in the state of Illinois by the Chicago Lawyer magazine (from a poll of judges and lawyers); selected as one of the five (5) best criminal lawyers in Chicago by the Chicago Tribune newspaper; defended people in more than 30 states (Alaska to Hawaii); lectured in all of the law schools in the Chicago area and served as an instructor for the National College of Criminal Defense, (John Marshall Law School; University of Chicago Law School; IIT Chicago Kent Law School; DePaul Law School and Northwestern Law School.

George was also the Director of Revenue for the Village of Dolton, Illinois from 2000-2009, and has traveled to more than 17 African countries and most of the principal cities in Europe and South America. Not bad for a kid whose first job at eight years old was picking cotton in Missouri. To get a copy of his book soon to be a stage play and TV series ”50 Years at The Bar and Still Sober” contact Mr. Howard by phone or e-mail below.

Black Pages International salutes George C. Howard Jr. for Building A Dynasty 2017- 2032. 773-991-5333 • georgechoward@yahoo.com • 6807 South Chappel Ave • Chicago, Il. 60649

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