Donta Rice – Founder & CEO of Legendary Cuts Inc

”In order to be a Master, you must be a servant first!” We are all here for a purpose. At a young age Donta Rice was taught this and today lives it. In 1995 the conception and formation of who is known today as Dominant Techniques began when he spoke it into existence. His brother, Rasheed, vividly remembers him saying, ”I’m 13 and by the time I’m 32 I will own my own empire, and by the time I’m 40, I will be someone Great!” Donta, at the time did not have a complete idea of what he would manifest, moreover, he was unaware of what life had in store for young, ambitious and purpose driven individuals. However, he was sure about success and was preparing for the future.

Sounds like a silver spoon story right? Well, in the beginning of life Donta was born with obstacles! Maybe this was the seed of determination. Born with Club Foot, he had to endure the struggle of surgical procedures and medical appointments for the first year of his life. Nevertheless, he persevered and began to walk and run before his other siblings. He was an All-Star shortstop for the Jackie Robinson West, Oakland A’s baseball team, played basketball, football, etc.

Donta was taught self-sufficiency and was always employed and seeking employment at a young age, beginning at 9 years old. He tutored and taught computer literacy. Being born and raised on the South Side of Chicago presented a young man with challenges with gangs and misdirection. Donta, being determined to rise above gang influence, graduated from St. Benedict the African (Laflin Campus) in the Englewood area as Valedictorian; and ranked in the top percentages for Math and Science in the city. Yet again, more obstacles. He suffered a mild stroke at the young age of 13; but nevertheless his parents continued to stress the importance of a higher education. The stroke impacted his memory but he did not allow that to discourage him from reaching his goals. He attended Mr. Carmel High School, transferred and finished at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Science. He surpassed the stereotypes and plans of underprivileged areas by studying architecture.

He switched majors and earned his B.S. in Industrial Engineering in 2003 from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Donta’s was employed with many fortune 500 companies for almost eight years: developing master operating plans, conducting corporate audits, performing time studies, lease agreements, standing as a District Training Coordinator, managing and or reducing million dollar budgets, and many other projects. He continued to advance in life and in the corporate sector in spite of adversity and disparity. Then the light bulb came on. He revisited his 1995 proclamation and Immediately realized that along the way, he had gotten off track. The housing crisis presented problems. Other obstacles arose, and his grandfather,
one of his fondest teachers, transitioned. Through all the challenges, he gained insight as to why so much was happening to him. He realized it was to develop him for now and the future. In 2010 Donta completed Larry’s Barber College and received his Barber License. He did this as a tribute to his grandfather who owned a barber shop and pool hall on 35th street on Chicago’s South Side.

Currently, Donta is expanding at LEGENDARY CUTS INC where he is the CEO. Barber/beauty and wellness
is promoted on a daily basis, as well as helping others to build leadership skills. He services the community
and participates in several events local and across many continents; in an effort to reach out and share with
the youth/adults his story, and re-energize or develop strength to meet the daily challenges of life. Some of
the schools he has been associated with are: Roosevelt University, Beethoven Academy, Westinghouse High
School. Donta was recently elected Vice President of Chartered Optimist International Club (OIC) in Chicago
2017. Through OIC, he provides the youth with activities that build character, leadership skills and discipline.
With his ”Boots on the Ground” and social media presence, he continues to inspire others around the world.

Black Pages International salutes Donta Rice for Building A Dynasty 2017 – 2032.
Legendary Cuts Inc • 1405 W. 111th • Chicago, IL • 60643 773.245.3462 

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