Craig Richardson – Co-Owner and Directing Partner of Batter & Berries LLC

Craig Richardson is Co-Owner and Directing Partner of Batter & Berries LLC and Batter & Berries Restaurant. Founded in 2012 with his wife Dr. Tanya Richardson and Chef Rylon, Batter & Berries has grown quickly to become one of Chicago’s most popular breakfast and brunch destinations. Located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, it draws large crowds of diverse Chicagoans, visitors and tourist. Batter & Berries specializes in offering unique breakfast specialties with friendly service in an upbeat atmosphere.

Customers often comment that “they’ve never been in any place like this” and “will you open one where I live”. These types of comments are what drive the future goals for Batter & Berries. Currently, Batter & Berries is continuing to define operations systems. Craig, who was a business major at Ball State and worked 22 years with State Farm Insurance, understands that having good systems in place is one of the keys to growth and expansion. The other keys are having the right people in the right positions and an effective marketing approach.

Craig has directed a marketing approach using social media, print and community outreach. He looks for opportunities to reach target markets while keeping expenses low. Batter & Berries social media campaigns, although targeted to reach the Chicagoland area, have spread all over the world. This has worked well with the goal to become a national brand!

Black Pages International salutes Craig Richardson for Building A Dynasty 2017-2032. Batter & Berries • 2748 N Lincoln Ave • Chicago, IL 60614 • 773-248-7710 • craigbnb@gmail.com

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