Cierra Thurman – Founder & CEO of Written Ambition Publishing

Cierra Thurman is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in a gang infested neighborhood where high crime rates and drugs were considered the norm.From a young age, Cierra was determined to make it out the “hood.” Her family’s transition to the suburbs and a full athletic scholarship to play Division One basketball was her ticket! People who know her, describe her as an “old soul.” She loves to exercise, but only to combat her cravings for Southern comfort food. Cierra is currently a police officer armed with a Master’s Degree from Loyola University. She prides herself on her dual education, book smarts and street smarts.

This resilient young woman is determined to not allow her past to dictate her future. Author, publisher, and motivational speaker. Cierra grew up in a single parent household so she was forced to grow up fast, taking on adult responsibilities and emotional burdens. She witnessed her mother enduring several abusive and loveless relationships, and she vowed to never travel down that same road. She made herself a promise to learn from her mother’s mistakes with men and to change her destiny. A promise she has broken time and time again.

Cierra had always longed to be “Daddy’s Little Girl”, but no matter how often she prayed, God just didn’t bring her daddy back. Cierra is living proof that, with hard work and dedication, a fatherless child can accomplish great things and be successful both personally and professionally. My Life, The One He Never Got To Witness can be extremely inspirational to teens, especially young women who may not have grown up under the best circumstances. For those who are determined to change their lives and not become another negative statistic, it will encourage them to see that anything is possible,and that they can achieve more than they ever imagined.

Black Pages International salutes Cierra Thurman for Building A Dynasty 2017-2032. Written Ambition Publishing • PO Box 53297 • Chicago, IL 60653773-599-3508 • www.cierrathurman.com

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