Theatre & Dance Academy

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Professional Theatre & Dance Youth Academy believes all youth deserve a positive & safe space to grow & express themselves through the performing arts. Their mission is three fold: to use the arts to encourage youth in their development of self esteem, responsibility, discipline, leadership, pride, ownership in their work & confidence in embracing new challenges;

To keep music education alive in schools & instill appreciation of the arts; to expose students to a professional theatre & dance instructional environment.
Global Girls

Creating youth driven performances in weekly sessions, participants learn skills to investigate their world & then turn their feelings into performance pieces which are presented throughout the community, the state and, in a few cases, other continents. The result is socially conscious, youth driven productions that gives voice to girls’ issues & concerns. We teach emotional intelligence skills through self-awareness & empathy for others; assist with advance career exploration, cooperative learning & team building; provide opportunities for girls to practice citizenship skills including volunteering & community activism. Founder – Marvinetta Penn

8151 S. South Chicago Ave
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