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John Henry Whitehead

John Henry Whitehead is the creator of the Black Lives Yearbook, an annual history calendar that recognizes the accomplishments of contemporary African Americans. John’s goal is to carry the message of cultural awareness and enrichment to classrooms and living rooms across America. Today’s African American youth are not only basketball players and rappers. They are also entrepreneurs, environmentalists, artists, teachers, legislators, innovators and visionaries spearheading businesses, leading social movements and transforming their communities from the ground up. Where are the  headlines about young people who strive for excellence everyday? John’s yearbook identifies many of them.

Turkey Chop

Chicago Chef, Quentin Love feeds homeless with half of $36,000 food network winnings. “We know 1 in 3 go hungry, so we’ve fed over 63,000 people and counting at our weekly Soup Kitchen in partnership with The Love Foundation on Mondays 12 – 3pm. Our mission is to develop communities through your appetite by opening restaurants & serving healthier food where its needed the most. The healthier you eat, the happier you are.” Quentin is also author of “The Motivational Cookbook”, feeding your mind, body & spirit.
3506 W. Chicago Ave.
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