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Esters Store

The Esters Store uses only high quality  botanical oils to produce products such as: Shea Butter Lotions, Shea Body Butters, Lip Balm, Hair Products, Scalp Oils, Hair Conditioners, Shea Butter Soaps, African Black Soap Body Washes & Shampoos, Deodorants, and Foot Salves. So experience a touch of Esters and see your hair grow and be shiny; feel your lips get luscious, and your skin get nourished by these excellent plant oils and feel your mind take on the aromatic wings of the molecules of the essential oils infused in our products. So, enjoy these gifts made by a scientist from the ancient place called Africa. Tell your family, friends, and neighbors about Esters love and reciprocity. Dr. Mohammed G. Sherriff PHD – Organic Chemistry.

1729 E. 87th Street
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