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Taurus Flavors Inc
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Taurus Flavors’ original Hoagy Shop was located 9431/2 W. 79th Street. Started on April 29, 1966 by Edward  and Bernice Perkins, Taurus grew into multiple locations and by 1976 had 13 locations and by 1980 18 locations.

Ice Cream was the primary product of Taurus Flavors and Taurus Ice Cream was distributed city wide. In addition to the many flavors of ice cream, the two main food products were the Hoagy Supreme and The Master Dog. The Master Dog was phased out for the ever popular Supreme Steak.

The Supreme Steak is a Chicago style philly steak with the signature sweet peppers and the unmistakable often imitated but never duplicated, Taurus Sweet Sauce. People come from all over to experience the great taste of Taurus Flavors.

8534 Stony Island Avenue
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