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Alderman Carrie M. Austin, a 4-term Alderman of Chicago’s 34 Ward on the city’s far southside, was favorably appointed by Mayor Richard M. Daley in 1994 to fulfill the unexpired term of her late husband Lemuel Austin. Henceforth, Alderman Austin has carved out her own political niche, which has earned her the moniker “Power Broker” Her motto of “I had rather do and not promise, than promise and not do.” Has earned her the Chairmanship of the powerfully prestigious Committee on the Budget & Government Operations, the second largest committee after the Committee on Finance. In such capacity, Chairman Austin has jurisdiction over expenditure of all funds appropriated and expended by the City and all matters concerning organization, reorganization and efficient management of City government, and federal and state legislation and administrative regulations of City interest.
507 W. 111th Street
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