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Community Peace Surge

United we share the responsibility for creating a working model that builds a clean, safe, productive and peace-full community. A way of life that fosters self-determination with collective work & responsibility amongst black people from all walks of life. There is strength in Unity. We each have something we contribute to developing peace in and for our fellow man & woman.

Example Setters

Motivational Youth Spoken Word Team – Dedicated to Saving Lives – Youth Key Note Speakers – Youth Leadership – Anti-Violence – Education – Self-Esteem – Poetry Presentations “We Don’t Perform. We Breathe Life” Facebook: Example Setters Youth Poetry


Founded in 1960 by Lena Bryant to help students enter the field of hair care, cosmetology  and esthetics. Lena’s daughter, Denise Velasquez continues this tradition. Certification classes available.

1140 West 87th Street

The National Museum of African American Music is the only museum dedicated to all dimensions of African American music. NMAAM will showcase over 50 music genres created or impacted by African Americans, honor the legacy and legends of this diverse music and detail the impact this music has on musicians and consumers around the world. We are a committed team of music enthusiasts, dedicated to cultural preservation and to telling an accurate story of the African American contributions to the American soundtrack. NMAAM delivers innovative educational programs and events, and will serve as an experiential and vibrant place for the preservation, education and performance of music.
618 Church Street Suite 130

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Can you see yourself losing 20 pounds in 8 weeks? Losing weight starts in the mind not in the gym. I will help you to do and feel all the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. No more diabetes, high blood pressure or shorts of breath. Let’s stop digging a grave with our teeth and live a healthy lifestyle. Tour health is wealth: TymeFitness.Com

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