Economic Development

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The United Fund of Illinois Inc, (BUFI) was founded in 1985 to promote self help, mutual aid and volunteerism. BUFI advocates freedom and equality through economic self reliance. We help people help themselves.  BUFI is a 501 C (3)  tax exempt organization  which raises funds through payroll deductions in the workplace, individual donors and private grants. For more than 25 years, BUFI has provided managerial, technical and financial support for hundreds of community organizations serving thousands of people throughout Illinois. Learn how you can be a part of this exciting endeavor. Remember Henry English!
1809 E. 71st Street
Community Peace Surge

United we share the responsibility for creating a working model that builds a clean, safe, productive and peace-full community. A way of life that fosters self-determination with collective work & responsibility amongst black people from all walks of life. There is strength in Unity. We each have something we contribute to developing peace in and for our fellow man & woman.

John Henry Whitehead

John Henry Whitehead is the creator of the Black Lives Yearbook, an annual history calendar that recognizes the accomplishments of contemporary African Americans. John’s goal is to carry the message of cultural awareness and enrichment to classrooms and living rooms across America. Today’s African American youth are not only basketball players and rappers. They are also entrepreneurs, environmentalists, artists, teachers, legislators, innovators and visionaries spearheading businesses, leading social movements and transforming their communities from the ground up. Where are the  headlines about young people who strive for excellence everyday? John’s yearbook identifies many of them.


“Building a better world, one community at a time”  Empowering our communities by building a safe have through education, public safety, health and human services, and economic development. K.L.E.O. was founded in 2007 after Kleo Yolaughn Barrett, the youngest daughter of Pastor & Mrs. T.L. Barrett Jr. was killed by an ex-boyfriend at the age of 27. KLEO offers a dependable, caring environment for adolescences and teens who have been impacted by teen pregnancy, gangs and other challenges.
119 E. Garfield Blvd

Founded in 2003 by Syron M. Smith, National Block Club Univeersity is a not-for-profit organization designed to teach & develop residents to combat crime & disorder. NBCU tracks, monitors, & counters acts of violence throughout 167 of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods. National Block Club University is a daily process structured to create, nurture and sustain, strong, safe neighborhoods.


Community Development – Economic Empowerment – Housing Agency – Food Program – After School Program – Love Ministry – Community Activist – Volunteer Program

15446 Lexington Ave
The Boss Network

Boss stands for “Bringing Out Successful Sisters,” and our mission is to promote & encourage the small business spirit & career development of women. The Boss Network is an online community of professional & entrepreneurial women who support each other through conversation, online and event-based networking.  named by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women & 10 Best Career Sites for Women.   Cameka Smith – Founder

The Quarry

Suzanne Armstrong – Entertainment Center – Produce & Fruit Sales – Cultural Garden – Farmer’s Market

2423 E. 75th Street
312. 259.1143

” 2016 – The Year of Progress” – Vernon Park Church of God is committed to loving God, loving others and serving others! – Minister with Purpose – Manage for Results – Empower Our People – Act with Complete Integrity –
1975 E. Joe Orr Road
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