Creative Arts

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Our mission is to be a major cultural resource institution for the preservation, perpetuation & promulgation of the African American aesthetic in the city of Chicago, the state of Illinois and the Nation. Toward this end, eta Creative Arts Foundation shall provide professional opportunities by way of training & performances for the development of both youth and adults as artists and technicians; sales for visual artists through the gallery and exposure for the general public to authentic, valid projections of African American lifestyles, experiences and aspirations.

7558 South Chicago
Global Girls

Creating youth driven performances in weekly sessions, participants learn skills to investigate their world & then turn their feelings into performance pieces which are presented throughout the community, the state and, in a few cases, other continents. The result is socially conscious, youth driven productions that gives voice to girls’ issues & concerns. We teach emotional intelligence skills through self-awareness & empathy for others; assist with advance career exploration, cooperative learning & team building; provide opportunities for girls to practice citizenship skills including volunteering & community activism. Founder – Marvinetta Penn

8151 S. South Chicago Ave
The Quarry

Suzanne Armstrong – Entertainment Center – Produce & Fruit Sales – Cultural Garden – Farmer’s Market

2423 E. 75th Street
312. 259.1143
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