Community Psychologist

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Founded in 2003 by Syron M. Smith, National Block Club Univeersity is a not-for-profit organization designed to teach & develop residents to combat crime & disorder. NBCU tracks, monitors, & counters acts of violence throughout 167 of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods. National Block Club University is a daily process structured to create, nurture and sustain, strong, safe neighborhoods.


Dr. Cartman is a father, son, brother, uncle, thinker, writer, therapist, photographer and drummer. His new book is called “Lady’s Man: Conversation for Young Black Men about Relationships and Manhood. The book is a tool for families, teachers, mentors, and coaches to help young men think critically with clarity and intention, understand the need for proper education, relate to women with integrity, express their emotions, understand their place in history, develop healthy coping strategies, and learn how to build a world where people are truly free.

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