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Donna Smith Bellinger

Professional Speaker, Revenue Accelerator, Author ~ specializing in working with those who feel they have “hit the wall” when it comes to personal or professional growth. – Signature Systems include the Revenue Up: From Sluggish to Sensational Sales Program – “Helps established owner-operators of service-based businesses overcome sluggish revenues and achieve consistent cash flow by stimulating sales, inspiring teamwork & upleveling customer service using the 5-Step “Donnatize to Monetize” process.”

“In corporate America, I helped companies make a lot of money, but like so many others, I found myself totally miserable in that environment. Now, I help people learn what I had to learn – how to clarify what is needed to build an enjoyable and profitable career, whether as a business owner, an employee, or combination of the two. Everyone wants to be valued, appreciated and respected, but there are specific things that you must do to get there.”

Author of: You Lost Me @ Hello: Actionable Principles That Move You Beyond Networking – Creating The 8th Day & The 25th Hour and more ….


Founder & Executive Director of Insitute for Self Esteem & Evaluation (ISEE), Inc. Frederick is an uncompromising promoter for developing confident, smart families. In 1997, he received the first of three invitations from President Bill & Hillary Clinton to the White House Conference on Early Childhood Brain Development & Learning. His most famous quote is: ” You change the schools, by changing the child that you send to school.”

Dr. Cartman is a father, son, brother, uncle, thinker, writer, therapist, photographer and drummer. His new book is called “Lady’s Man: Conversation for Young Black Men about Relationships and Manhood. The book is a tool for families, teachers, mentors, and coaches to help young men think critically with clarity and intention, understand the need for proper education, relate to women with integrity, express their emotions, understand their place in history, develop healthy coping strategies, and learn how to build a world where people are truly free.


Terri is a certified life (purpose) coach, author & speaker. Her book, “The Daily Seed” offers humorous and sound wisdom in sowing seeds of insight that will empower and transform lives. She is working to partner with persons affiliated with the prison system to get her book into the hands of those who are currently incarcerated.
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Seventeen year old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry who graduated from high school at 11, earned a B.A. in psychology at 14 and an MBA in organizational leadership believes she has a blueprint for creating a long-lasting dynasty. She has also written three books to prove it: The Genius Race, In The Future & Jump The Education Barrier.

P.O. Box 489
Lake Bluff
Turkey Chop

Chicago Chef, Quentin Love feeds homeless with half of $36,000 food network winnings. “We know 1 in 3 go hungry, so we’ve fed over 63,000 people and counting at our weekly Soup Kitchen in partnership with The Love Foundation on Mondays 12 – 3pm. Our mission is to develop communities through your appetite by opening restaurants & serving healthier food where its needed the most. The healthier you eat, the happier you are.” Quentin is also author of “The Motivational Cookbook”, feeding your mind, body & spirit.
3506 W. Chicago Ave.

Cierra Thurman is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She is an author, publisher and motivational speaker. Her book, “My Life, The One He Never Got To Witness” can be extremely inspirational to teen, especially young women who may not have grown up under the best circumstances.

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