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Angie Redmond Artist

I am a portrait/figurative artist who paints with oils on canvas. I use my personal experiences to focus on various social issues within a culture; for instance, the beauty of natural African American hair.
It’s the thick texture and vibrant colors of the oil paint and love for the complexity of humanity that keeps the brush in my hand!

Global Girls

Creating youth driven performances in weekly sessions, participants learn skills to investigate their world & then turn their feelings into performance pieces which are presented throughout the community, the state and, in a few cases, other continents. The result is socially conscious, youth driven productions that gives voice to girls’ issues & concerns. We teach emotional intelligence skills through self-awareness & empathy for others; assist with advance career exploration, cooperative learning & team building; provide opportunities for girls to practice citizenship skills including volunteering & community activism. Founder – Marvinetta Penn

8151 S. South Chicago Ave

Fine Arts & Crafts – Cultural Design – Jewelry – Fashion – Masks – Ancestor Art – Furniture – Gifts – Musical Instruments – Clothing -Posters

1305 E.53rd Street

Presents the works of rarely performed Black and lesser known composers whose contribution to music deserve recognition in history – Provide greater opportunities for diverse artists to grow and present their craft via professional productions – Provide cultural and educational programs that both enrich the opera going experience and encourage future generations of artists and audiences – Enhance the lives of youth by offering music education and outreach programs

7059 South Shore Drive
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